Henna Craze

This past weekend I was “henna-ed” for the first time! If you aren’t familiar with this traditional body art, you can learn more about it here. Recently it has been trending in fashion and is all over the internet because it is extremely intricate and requires some serious skill. I highly recommend getting henna done at least once, it was a super fun experience I am still showing off my beautiful design. Here’s a few tips if you decide to try it out:

  1. The longer you leave the mixture on, the darker the results will be.
  2. The mixture is often made of natural herbs and has a strong (but refreshing) odor.
  3. Be prepared for the stain to last a few weeks! But the more you scrub/wash your hands the sooner it will come off.
  4. Doing it yourself is easy and there are plenty of resources online that give you a step-by-step process.
  5. Practice makes perfect! If you do decide to give henna a go, your first designs will not be perfect, but that is what makes it fun! Be creative and try to come up with a new design each time.

Here is an awesome video of a traditional henna process which can take hours to complete: 



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