Rolling Forward

Marijuana, we know the good and the bad.We know its potential as a medicine but even with a majority of people favoring medical legalization what is being done to see that this happens? The answer may now come due to a new bill introduced in North Carolina. The Medical Cannabis act was recently introduced by NC legislation that will allow residents to vote on medical marijuana legalization in the next fall ballot. This is a great sign as medical marijuana bills have a pretty high success rate once making it to public voting. We see this in places who recently voted on marijuana bills like Florida and Massachusetts. They both saw high voter turnout and a substantial margin of victory.  The upcoming North Carolina bill also looks promising as a recent Quinnipiac poll suggests that 70 percent of voters are in favor of medical marijuana legalization. This would bring the total number of states that have legalized marijuana medically to 29 which is more than the majority. If this pace continues marijuana will soon be legalized for medical purposes nationally.


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