Reflection and Reassurance

When I began writing this blog, I thought that eating local was an easy goal for anyone to reach. I had never thought that so many aspects and implications would go into the process of people obtaining the food they eat. There are monetary struggles, geographical roadblocks, and a slew of other difficulties surrounding the topic. However, the benefits, I believe, are worth the battles, if you at least try to grasp certain aspects of eating locally.

In the beginning of my project, I aimed to understand the workings of my blog, and I set goals to establish concrete ideas within my topic. As the project progressed, my goals became stronger and heavily rooted in conveying the concept and implications of eating locally. I wanted to highlight the benefits of the locavore movement and discuss the downfalls of the global food industry. By the end of my blog, I had come to the conclusion that eating locally is more of an approach than a lifestyle, in a logical sense. Most people do not have the physical time or monetary resources to completely adopt a local lifestyle. However, my suggestion ultimately was that even if you can just slightly embrace consuming locally, that benefits will show.

I thought of the blog requirements not as much as work but as an outlet for the stress of my course load. I actually really enjoyed researching my topic and then writing about. It became more of an interest to me than an assignment. I have an even deeper appreciation for eating locally. I also actually have a stronger appreciation for blogging as well. Having a non-stressful approach to the requirements made them more attainable.

As I worked on this assignment, I became reassured of my writing skills. I am proud of the work that I put forth. Through this assignment, I wanted to improve my critical thinking skills as well as my overall writing abilities. I wanted to be able to expand on different ideas and connect them under the same umbrella that was my topic of eating local food and consuming locally.

I think that I made this assignment a good reflection of my educational goals because I hope that overtime, my blog has shown a progression of critical thinking. I hope that when people have been reading the posts when they are posted, that they learn something new and that if they had any questions before, that they are answered.

Researching took up the most time and was the most work for me. It was sometimes difficult for me to find the reasons for bias against the benefits of eating locally. It was also hard at times for me to reign in my topic and narrow it down to have a blog that wasn’t completely all over the place and chaotic.

I really enjoy using and fiddling around with I found that it was easy to maneuver and being able to embed links and connect with other posts and blogs was very interesting. The easiness of the blog site was helpful in managing the writing experience.

I guess I am just most proud of myself for putting something out on the internet in ink for anyone to see and that will never go away. I think I was able to continue the blog because the more that I wrote, the more confident I felt. Something about exposing your work, research, and writing for everyone to see is liberating and it made me feel like I had accomplished something. It’s kind of weird, yet very cool, to think that I could technically deem myself a “blogger”.


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