My Growth as a Blogger

The goal of this blog was to educate the public about medical marijuana and hopefully get them to learn that there are more positives than negatives. The interesting part of writing a blog that I did not go in was that I would also be the one learning, not only about marijuana but about myself as a writer. In general, this assignment posted a pretty significant challenge for me. I have always been a science writer lacking a flow and my own writer’s voice. With this blog, I was forced to find my unique writing style so I could engage with my audience on a personal level. The assignment had also increased my love for writing in general. Sure it was on a topic that I liked but it was also surprising to see myself enjoying writing posts twice a week and doing the research. It felt less like an assignment and more like a hobby and this project has even made me consider continuing to blog after the assignment is over.

As a writer and blogger, my work definitely got better as the assignment progressed. At the end, however, the point was to get my point across and I feel as if I still have more to do until that is completed. I would like to introduce more neutral topics in order for my audience to be educated on all aspects to this subject. I also want to bring the focus much more into the issues with medical marijuana in North Carolina. I never went to in depth with the issues that were centered in NC. This is mainly because all the issues faced by medical marijuana are very similar in all parts of the country. Places like Colorado also have an abundance of articles and evidence to support my argument so it is sometimes easier to just use that information instead.

Overall this project has seen me grow as a writer and an intellect. The point of this assignment was to try present solutions to an issue based in North Carolina but I took away much more valuable skills that I can continue to use in my writing career and in my future as a blog writer.


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