Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

My brother, a senior here at UNC, recently finalized his job he will begin after graduation. In the month of June, Charlie will move to Tampa, Florida to start working. This, in itself, scares me…Wow! The real world! I can’t even begin to think about being completely on my own, after all I’m just about to finish my freshman year. As I heard about his big news, I began to look deeper into the city that he will be living in, because of course, I’ll be visiting! I also want to know what opportunities he will be able to pursue.

Tampa was recently ranked as one of the top 10 cities for millennials. As my excitement for my brother’s new journey increased, I began to think about how he could embrace eating locally in his new city. I’ve recently had some questions on the blog about the regional difficulties of eating locally wherever you live. “What if I live somewhere that it is harder to eat locally in, like the desert of Arizona?” I see these questions and completely understand the concern. It can be difficult to find the local resources, but they are there, even in places like Phoenix, AZ.

With Tampa being a big city, I’m sure the local resources will be available for Charlie. There are a bunch of farmers markets throughout the city offering fresh, inexpensive produce. He may not be the most cooking-advanced person, but I just hope he chooses to embrace eating locally and expanding his culinary intake!


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  1. I love reading your blog, and it has made me want to start moving into eating more local food, especially since next year I will be moving into an apartment with a kitchen, however, this is one of my biggest concerns with eating locally. I am just questioning the easy access and availability for me throughout my busy school weeks, however I like how you said if you just choose to embrace it you can make it happen and hopefully I will soon “expand my culinary intake”!


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