What Happens if Nothing Happens?

The topic of gun violence seems to be stuck in a perpetual state of stagnation. There exist clearly defined and polarized sides to the topic, however, there seems to be little effort by either side to take strides towards achieving their respective goals. So, this begs the questions: What happens if nothing happens? What will our society look like if the issue of gun violence remains in continual inaction?

Unfortunately, even if both sides of this controversy did come to a consensus over more background checks and stricter gun laws to prevent the possession of illegal firearms, gun violence would still be present. As seen in San Bernardino, unnecessary gun violence does not equivocate illegal gun violence, and the legal possession of these powerful weapons can still result in horrific loss.

Despite the inability to eradicate unnecessary gun violence in today’s society, the current lack of movement in gun violence policy will still have drastic consequences. The lack of extensive background checks, along with the ease with which illegal vendors of firearms are able to conduct business online and at gun shows has proven, and will continue to prove perilous for members of society, Ultimately, the lack of progress in gun violence policy will continue to proliferate the presence of illegal gun activity. And, while harsher policies cannot eliminate violence entirely, increasing regulation to prevent illegal activities is a start.


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