Our Future Starts with our Education

The reason we begin school at such a young age is in part because a good education benefits us for the rest of our lives. The future of every of individual as well as that of society as a whole is heavily impacted by our education. Nevertheless, over the years we have made little progress to improve our education system.

The video below by spoken word artist Prince Ea draws attention to how little our education system has improved over the same time that we have made astonishing scientific advancements.

The implications of not constructively coming together to bring improvement to our school system are, in my opinion, two fold. To begin, there is the risk that we will will not develop the understanding of issues facing us today such as environmental degradation and social injustice, nor the skills or cooperation abilities necessary to tackle these issues. As a result, we face the possibility of these problems causing growing harm.

The other implication is simply that if we do not work to improve the quality of public education, then we aren’t working toward improving quality of life. If we spend money where it is needed and ensure every human being has a quality education, then we are investing in everyone’s happiness. UNICEF lists what it believes are the components of a quality education. Among these are obtaining skills for life which is important for being able to care for yourself as well as play a beneficial role in society, and acquiring skills for peace which is essential if we wish to have a well functioning society where everyone has the chance to be happy.



  1. I really enjoyed this post, especially the video. It is quite compelling and I think for anyone who went through public school education in the United States is quite relatable. I really like that you are challenging the public school infrastructure, and in a way, calling it out to highlight the further implications that this broken system will have if it continues to be the policy for the next generation’s education. Overall I really liked this post, great job!


    1. Thank you, I’m glad it got you thinking about the way school is run! I certainly don’t have all the answers to how to make our school system great, but I do see that there is a lot of room for improvement, and I would really like to see efforts being made to work towards improving public education. Prince Ea points out that schools currently prepare students to be a good fit in factories, when they should be preparing students for life and to find a good fit in the world. The endless hours we spend in school have infinite potential for personal growth and learning, and I’d like to see them put to better use.


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