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As a new college student, I am constantly being told to “take advantage of all your school has to offer” and that “grades don’t define you”. But let’s face it, school is overwhelming and sometimes the phrase “C’s get degrees” sounds most appealing (and realistic) of them all.  I went to an extremely competitive high school where grades most certainly defined students and taking advantage of curricular activities meant being a part of as many clubs as possible in order to be featured in the most club pictures in the yearbook.

I thought college would be a lot different.  Don’t get me wrong, it definitely is different than high school in many ways, but still I find myself stressing on what my GPA will be instead of how much I have learned, and looking for volunteer opportunities so I can put them on my resume.  I believe this sort of thinking has a lot to do with the way my education has been administered throughout my life.  This great blog tackles some of the main questions behind faults in the school system, and ways in which it can be improved as well as innovative ways to take action towards bettering your own education. Be sure to check it out!


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