Cananbis Compromise


In a rapidly changing word, medical marijuana has been on the forefront of debate in America for the past few years. Although it seems like a new issues medical marijuana has been accepted and used by people for the past thousands of years. In modern day America, however, this is still a topic with polarizing sides. The answer is not as simple as just for or against marijuana legalization. Those who are in favor of medical marijuana legalization can be patients who want it as treatment or casual pot smokers who just want an easier way to obtain marijuana in general. For those against it comes from a multitude of reasons including having bias opinions based on negative drug stigmas, fear that this will lead to recreational legalization, and political lobbyists by tobacco and alcohol companies.

No matter the reason there is a middle ground we can take to try and ease everyone’s concerns. Legalizing medical marijuana for treatment of major disease is the most optimal and fair solution to everyone’s problems. We can all agree that medical marijuana does have positive effects on the human body in some cases. Even our divided government can agree that medical marijuana has health benefits. We can also all agree that no one should be denied medicine if they need it. Medical author Kevin Alan Lee says, “our health care system has failed when a doctor fails to treat an illness that is treatable,” but why is it then different for medical pot especially when it comes to a major disease. That’s why in order to steer away from fears that marijuana will be legalized recreationally after it is legalized medically, treatment should only be used on confirmed and serious illness such as cancer. This will make it more difficult for people to fake prescriptions for issues such as chronic pain or migraines just to get a medical card, so parents and the general public need not worry.  At the same time, it will allow access to medical marijuana to patients that really need it. For now, this compromise helps patients without proceeding with haste and legalizing it fully until we know more about its effects.


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