Welcome to the Gun Show

As the last week of classes before spring break drags on, everyone needs a bit of comic relief. The video above is an excerpt from an SNL skit, in which gun laws and regulations in the United States are parodied by the two actors. While the actors in this skit are humorous and sarcastically mock gun regulations, the information that they describe is true. It is almost laughable as to how easy it is to acquire a gun in the United States, even for people who have previous felonies, or who are registered as security threats on the no-fly list, as depicted in the video. Ultimately, parodies like this one prompt us to ask ourselves why it is so easy to obtain a gun in the United States, and does this ease consequently bring us more harm than good?



  1. I really enjoyed your choice in video! I think while it was clearly humorous and enjoyable, it also hit on a lot of key concerns about your topic. It was similar to a video I posted on my blog thegalia.wordpress.com where I tried to find some humor in a serious topic as well!


    1. I’m glad you liked it 🙂 it definitely is a precarious balance between humor and a heavy topic! I enjoyed the video on your blog too- definitely something to lighten the mood of an otherwise often difficult discussion.


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