Some Much Needed Comic Relief

I don’t know about you all, but I’m about as pasty as the Cullen family and need some serious vitamin D.  Thankfully, in T-4 days I will be on a plane to sunny Florida! If you want, comment your plans for spring break!

Shoutout to my English professor for forcing my class to watch funny videos, it was much needed. While doing that I channeled my inner middle school, “Team Edward” self (sorry, Jake) and watched this A Bad Lip Reading video I used to, and still do, laugh out loud to.  If you like this one, I highly encourage you to watch the Hunger Games one, it’s equally hilarious.

Keep an eye out for a seriously long, but important, post! It will answer a lot of questions you might have about the Syrian Refugee Crisis, and hopefully give you a better understanding of the entire situation.



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