Know the Enemy

Since the start of the Syrian Revolution in March of 2011, the situation has become inherently more complex. As infrastructure weakens, rebel territory is lost and won, and civilian lives are either ruined or ended, more opportunities become available for groups like ISIS to gain control.

War-torn countries are ideal locations for terrorist groups because new territory is easy to claim and new members are easy to recruit when promised food and protection in return for service. This has become the case for much of Syria; as the country’s conflict continues, increased terrorist control has been established. But the Syrian refugees who are desperately seeking a new life are doing so not only to escape a tyrannous government, but also to escape life under possible ISIS control.

Therefore, in order to help those in need, it is essential that Americans overcome the post-9/11 islamophobia that has disillusioned so many mindsets and recognize who the real enemy is. If don’t, and instead allow fear of ISIS to hinder the spread of freedom, then ISIS wins.



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