Sonder Market

UNC is home to hundreds of wonderful clubs. Sonder Market is one that correlates directly to my topic of local food. By clicking on the hyperlink above, you can be taken to the UNC Sonder Market website.

Schuyler Moss, a freshman involved with Sonder Market here at UNC, has some things to say about what the club is and what it means to her.

“The sonder market is a student run organization that buys and sells local produce on campus so that students have access to reasonably priced produce close by. To me, sonder market works to not only help students who don’t have the time or resources to go to a nearby grocery store or can’t afford to buy fresh produce from Whole Foods or Harris Teeter each week, but it also helps local farmers because all of the produce sold comes from farmers in the Chapel Hill/Carborro area.”

Here’s a video that highlights what Sonder Market aspires to achieve:

Another quote from active Sonder Market member, Lizzie Russler, is found below:

“The best part about the Sonder Market is the community. This isn’t just the other members who work the cart, bake, develop recipes, or manage finances; it’s also the farmers and the Midway Kitchen owner and other renters who we have been able to connect and build relationships with. We, as humans, are the only species that lives in contrast to the environment, sacrificing our connection to the Earth and our surroundings. How often do we know exactly where our food came from and how it was harvested? By working with local farmers, the Sonder Market facilitates the restoration of a relationship with the environment, as well as fosters a greater sense of community both on campus and in the greater Chapel Hill and Carrboro area.”


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