Immigrant or Refugee? How to Tell the Difference…

With all sorts of political jargon being thrown around on the news and in the papers, it is easy to lose track of what is being talked about. So, before going into further detail on the Syrian Refugee Crisis, I thought it would be helpful to distinguish exactly who I will be writing about in my work.

The phrase “Syrian Refugee Crisis” describes the situation accurately, yet many people still think it has something to do with NATO or a wall at our country’s borders.  However, refugees are not immigrants, and  the following video is helpful in describing the difference between the two:

Each term comes with its own set of political agendas, varying connotations, and salient images, therefore it is crucial to understand the differences between them. Once understood, proper knowledge of the terms can be spread and in turn would allow more people to get the help they need.



  1. Thanks! That is pretty much the goal, because ignorance can seriously blind people from seeing what is really important. In this case, it is helping people in need, and by educating the public more people would be willing to help, since helping those in need is (hopefully) thought of as a good thing.


  2. I really appreciate this blog post and that you took the time to clarify the differences between these two VERY DIFFERENT terms. It’s extremely necessary that more people in society realize these differences and don’t use the terms interchangeably. The video was extremely clarifying as well and gave great visuals which makes it easier to understand!

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