Negative Stereotypes

I grew up in a very traditional household always taught to steer away from drugs especially marijuana. These ideals were branded in me from a young age and really made me view marijuana as an evil sent as a temptation to teenagers finding themselves like myself. Being a decent kid I listened to my parent’s advice and stayed clear of even the thought of marijuana during my childhood. It wasn’t until in 2014 my uncle was diagnosed with Cancer that this topic was brought up again within the context of my family. My uncle hearing of the positive effects of marijuana on cancer patients wanted to try it, but received a lot of negative backlash from his sister (my mom), his parent’s, and the whole family in general. He decided to do it anyway and he reaped the benefits instantaneously. The cannabis oil he received helped to ease chemo treatments and reduce overall pain. Now he is cancer free living a happy life. My parents would say that it was a miracle by the work of god. Him being a non-religious person would say it was, in fact, the medical herbs he used. As for myself, I like to credit both. This sparked my interest in medical marijuana and has inspired me to investigate the effects weed has on cancer, organ failure, and overall health. I also want to investigate the social stigmas of weed and how they are prohibiting the growth of marijuana in the medical field. In the end, I want to focus on the policies in place for medical marijuana and how they are being brought up in North Carolina and nationally.


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  1. I can relate in that I was also raised in a household which heavily enforced this stigma and it has definitely effected my own views on its use. That being said, my views have definitely changed as I graduated high school and moved into college. Do you think that removing this stigma may increase its use? Especially in younger age groups? If so, is there a way to reap the medical benefits without increasing its recreational use?


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