Eat, Love, Local Food

Just do it.

“Eat local,” says everyone nowadays. This trend is all over the news and social media; but the truth is, they’re right. It is imperative that our community begins to reign in our geographical focus, in regards to what we eat. Food producers and food consumers must establish a connection. In today’s world, healthy eating is a major concern for most humans. Most people want to look their best and feel their best. With an approach to healthy eating through local eating, not only do you benefit yourself, but also your surrounding area.

Breaking it down.

This blog will be focused on the anthropology discipline of the social sciences. The local food movement is centralized around the people and the producers regarding food, and connecting them with a focus to their geographical region. As the world grows, so does the impact of society. By taking the steps to promote local food, a community can evoke major change amongst itself. I will consider the pros and cons of local eating in regard to agriculture, politics, and environmental studies.

Narrowing the gap.

In contrast to the global food movement, the local food movement shortens the amount of time that it takes for food to get from the producer, to your dinner table. The global model causes there to be a lot of different “hands” that your food will go through before you eat it. The advantages of eating local range from living a healthy lifestyle, to benefitting the environment, community, and economy.

Preparing for take off.

Eating local begins with making a commitment to yourself and your surroundings. Obviously to eat local, you must limit your food-supply region to a certain area around your home. Most locavores today measure out their food-supply region to be within a 100-mile radius from their home. Farmers markets are a wonderful vehicle for narrowing your diet to become more localized. Along with many other steps, it is easy to find restaurants in the major cities of North Carolina, that follow along with using local ingredients. Honestly, it is much easier than everyone thinks. Even if you just take some steps towards eating local without fully committing, the benefits will show.


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